3D Image Processing

Visualisation and animation for automotive, products, industry & technology

Product photography was yesterday, today there's 3D. Modern visualisations allow large savings to be made in the case of elaborate illustrations, makes a lot of flexibility possible while also opening up new perspectives. This means that products can be illustrated that do not yet exist for real - the visualisation gives a very real preview of what the product will be like before it is launched - this is also very exciting from a marketing aspect.

Over the past ten years, BMF has increasingly specialised in the professional 3D visualisation and in particular creates technical 3D visualisations, product visualisations and exactly-detailed 3D models and product and animation films.

Photo-realistic 3D visualisation

3D animations are also the correct tool when complex contexts and functions need to be shown. 3D graphics show your customers which products are possible. When it comes to CGI (Computer Generated Imaging), we are focussing on photo-realistic 3D visualisation. An illustration of products that is even more detailed than in reality, as well as future scenarios are also possible.

3D visualisation conveys all the functions of a product. The high quality of the illustrations allow realistic images and convincing impressions to be created. A perfect 3D model excites the customer - enough to buy.

3D visualisations

Product visualisations are popularly used for marketing and advertising purposes. Detailed advertising images in combination with professional photography are among our specialist services. We offer you illustrative images in order to make complex product and industrial applications more comprehensible. Your customers will be excited.

Prototype visualisations

Using CAD data or design drafts, we create visualisation data. This means that the foundation is laid in order to make product experiences become a reality through images and films. Interactivity is not a foreign concept in all this. Prior to the launch of the product, the prototype visualisation allows a realistic preview of the respective product's start on the market.

3D product and presentations films

In addition to visualising individual images and CGIS, we also produce high-quality image sequences of architecture and products. The range of possible applications is endless. Whether you require an online presentation, something for your trade-fair exhibition stand, film or television production or any other ideas - we will be there for you in order make your ideas a reality.

3D configurators

We offer the possibility to make products in many variations from the AUTOMOTIVE segment interactively usable on all devices, and that in the highest possible quality. The system can either be integrated into an external website or implemented as a stand-alone solution.

Your wishes, our know-how

Your instructions determine what we do - we flexibly implement your ideas. Do you want a draft design in order to support an idea by means of visualisation? Do you require a perfect visualisation of your product? We provide the entire array of possibilities and we will create the 3D visualisation you want efficiently, economically, on time and in the highest possible quality.


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