In the beginning there was paper

From a data collector to a digital full-service provider

The BMF Gesellschaft für Computer- und Kommunikations-Technologie GmbH was founded in 1991. At the beginning, the business fields were focused on hardware and network solutions and services for medium-sized companies from industry and commerce.

With the preparation and processing of TÜV documents, BMF heralded the age of PDF documents for rims and tyres. The rim consulting program ProRad was the first program in which expert opinion information from all testing organizations could be presented in a database. From the original ProRad, a broad product portfolio of web and e-commerce solutions for industry and trade has developed in recent years.

All developments in the past were made in close cooperation with our customers and partners. We still follow this philosophy in our projects today.

Today BMF employs more than 60 employees at several locations in Germany and Romania and has strongly established itself as a market leader with the processing of technical data, the ProVis product range, the BMF Data Hub Services and the establishment of a powerful partner network.

A motivated, loyal team as well as strategic innovations and constant further developments show us - the BMF -, our customers and partners the way into the 2020s.

  • 2020Market launch BMF ProShop

    In times of economic challenges, BMF and Inviqa strengthen the local tyre and rim retail trade by launching the cost-effective, flexible ProShop Basic.
  • 2020New branch in Bad Hersfeld

    BMF is opening a new branch in the middle of Germany to be on site for our customers even faster.
  • 2019BMF Product Portfolio

    BMF ProVis solutions, BMF Data Hub services and ProShop projects form the new, powerful portfolio.
  • 2019New management

    Wolfgang Brender hands over the management to Heiko Foltys and Stephan Schulze.
  • 2018Corporate management

    Stephan Schulze and Heiko Foltys take over as technical and commercial managers under the management of Wolfgang Brender.
  • 2016ProVis 3rd Party Configurator and Web Services

    The two new products mark the beginning of a new product generation and BMF's stronger focus on the digital market.
  • 2016AWARD TOP100

    BMF is awarded the industry prize TOP10.
  • 201560 employees

    At the end of the year, BMF employs more than 60 employees for the first time.
  • 2014TPMS Configurator

    The first TPMS configurator is developed together with well-known manufacturers in order to meet the challenges of the new EU regulations.
  • 2013EDI/BI-Team

    With the founding of the new department, BMF expands its portfolio to include the integration and mapping of business, warehouse and logistics processes.
  • 2011New company headquarters

    Steady, self-financed growth makes the search for new facilities necessary. BMF finds what it is looking for in the center of Augsburg.
  • 20103D visualization

    Start of the development of own 3D vehicle and article models as well as a 3D vehicle configurator.
  • 2006Innovationsaward

    The ProVis MX software receives the 1st Innovation award.
  • 2002The first TireManager

    Still based on ProVis 1, the first TIreManager is developed to answer online questions about tuning, tire and rim modification.
  • 1997ProVis 1

    ProVis 1 heralds the age of the visual presentation of rims on vehicles.
  • 1991Founding

    The BMF Gesellschaft für Computer- und Kommunikations-Technologie GmbH is founded in 1991 with its headquarters in Dießen.